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There are currently over 0.7 million Poles living in the UK, including over 500 000 who reside in London. It is a prospective market and a great advertising platform! They are young, resourceful, urban and dynamic. Polish community members are also more likely to own luxury brands. They are keen to try new services and technologies - keen to try YOUR PRODUCTS.


We are independent creative specialist for integrated marketing communication within Polish market in the UK. GPM create opportunities and channels through which your brand and promotional messages are disseminated to Polish consumers. At Good Point Media we believe in an individual approach and a well-coordinated use of different promotional methods that are intended to reinforce each other. We apply a consistent brand messaging across top Polish media outlets, including print, radio & online, and increase the impact of your campaign by combining it with maximum exposure during large-scale events dedicated to Polish community. GPM has an access to all Polish media outlets in the UK, resulting in achieving maximum strength of your campaigns. We understand that in order to reach a specific audience you need a deep understanding of the market. And when it comes to targeting at Polish market in the UK - this is what we do best. We are here to help you designing a smart, effective and successful campaigns. We are here to help you building your brands, driving your sales and increasing your profitability. Our knowledge about Polish market is unrivalled and the years of experience within it incomparable.

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